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NVI was founded by Dr. J.T. Lin, the inventor of flying-spot LASIK a procedure currently used in ALL eye hospitals worldwide. Dr. Lin is also the founder and CEO of LaserSight, Inc. (a Florida company, listed in NASDAQ in 1991).

NVI has office at Taipei (Photon Medical, Inc.), R&D Center (Medical Photon Tech, Corp) and factory at the BioScience Park, Xiamen, China. It has awarded by 3 Projects supported by Xiamen-200 Program since 2013.


The Company core technologies include (covered by over 15 patents): diode lasers for dental, cosmetic and ophthalmology applications, nano-tech for laser-assisted cancer therapy, and low-power laser for photodynamic therapy.

NVI currently offers many new products under the model names of: UV-360, UV-310, EYE-800, DEN-800, CN-800, Lit-600 and IR-1500. The Company currently has on-going clinical trials in China and USA for various new protocols.

Dr. Lin has the following world record in medical system designs

World Records

  • the first self-doubling green laser using NYAB crystal (1989)
  • the most compact Mini-Excimer (1991)
  • the first Scanning-PRK (1993)
  • the first Presbyopia IR-Laser (2000)
  • the first portable UV system for psoriasis (2008)
  • the first 3-wavelength system for cancer therapy (2010)
  • the first high-power pen-laser for aPDT (2011)
  • the first non-contact Lin-probe for glaucoma-laser (2012)
  • the first 4-channel UV system for crosslinking (2013)
  • the first nonlinear dynamic-theory for crosslink (2014)
  • the first crosslink UV-pen for customized ulcers and for VET (2014)
  • the first compact, portable crosslink device (2016)
  • the first analytic equations for crosslink depth and efficacy (2016)


Dr. Lin has over 40 patents and 60 SCI publications.
Selected Dr. Lin’s publication on the new crosslinking theory.

Analytic formulas on Factors Determining the Safety and Efficacy in UV-Light-Sensitized Corneal Cross-Linking. 

Combined Analysis of Safety and Optimal Efficacy in UV-light-activated Corneal Collagen Crosslinking.

The new protocol and dynamic safety of UV-light activated corneal collagen cross-linking.


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